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Crypto Wars: Rise of Neon Dusk
In the Digital Arena, Survival Is the Ultimate Currency.

The Eccentric billionaire, known as Neon Dusk, is the mastermind behind the world's most lucrative cryptocurrency empire he calls Cryptopia. 


Gathering the most influential crypto influencers and their crypto companies, neon dusk prepares to wage a battle for supremacy in the ultimate arena: a high-tech battleground fueled by blockchain technology.


As each crypto-led team selects a champion fighter from diverse backgrounds, ranging from ex-military operatives to streetwise brawlers, they are thrust into a deadly competition where the stakes are higher than ever before. Forced to fight to the death in front of a global audience, the fighters must navigate treacherous obstacles, lethal traps, and each other's cunning strategies. As alliances are forged and betrayals unfold, one fighter must rise above the chaos to uncover the truth behind the sinister game and bring justice to those who exploit the innocent for profit.

Behind the scenes, the crypto influencers pull the strings, orchestrating the chaos, each with their own sinister agendas. With the power to manipulate the outcome of the battles and sway public opinion, they aim for nothing less than total control over the digital realm and the fate of humanity itself.

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